Astrology Reading

Astrology can give insights into one’s own self, into others, and therefore can fill the void in human relationships.

You will be required to provide your birth data in advance for this reading. This includes date of birth, time of birth, city and state of birth.

This Reading offers you all the information you need to get started on living the life you have always wanted! Based on your astrological gifts and challenges, a deep knowledge leads to a better life.  We will explore your Soul Purpose and your Personal Mythology and how to deal with others based on your natal chart. This reading includes places in the world which will help you grow. It is called Astrocartography which offers an amazing look into how certain places on the planet affect us, due to particular planetary lines that fall in those areas.  It’s a great way to know where to live, where to travel, where to transform, where to go to retreat, and really,  where to maximize anything you desire in your life.

60 minute reading (includes astrocartography)


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