What do real people say?

"My sessions with Cybelia were life-changing. She put me directly in touch with the spirit of my departed mother with no fuss and no hesitation — giving me an opportunity for emotional healing that I never dreamed was possible, and an absolute ton of important family information. I have listened to my sessions again and again — and each time I glean more.

Diving into the great collective pool with her is quite an extraordinary experience — direct, emotional and true. She took me fishing deep in the oceans of the world of spirits — and although we went far, I felt that I was with someone supremely confident, safe and stable. This confidence must spring from the power of her gift, which gives her an ability to not only see and hear the voices of our ancestors, but to express their wishes with directness, rich colour and clarity.

Because of the enormous range of her cultural experience and the depth of her intelligence — both emotional and intellectual -- Cybelia is in a completely different category from most mediums. She was able to speak to my mother in several languages and to interpret accurately some of her most obscure and arcane references, including picking up on my mother’s love of a certain Book of Hours.

Cybelia is easily the best medium I have ever come across — accurate, intelligent, sensitive — and kind. I believe that she is a force for good in the world, and a force for good in my own life."
Christina Rodenbeck
The Oxford Astrologer
"Dear Cybelia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. For several years you have been helpful in answering questions I have had since my accident in 2014 and especially with my communication with my dog.
I appreciate the holistic treatment and the directness. It has helped me to change my perspective. I transformed thanks to your and my spirit guides' suggestions and am wearing clothing and perfumes which make me feel really good. The telepathic communication between you and my dog has improved his life and mine as well. He shows you the problem and you translate it for me so I can find a solution. You have encouraged me professionally and given me courage to change.
Your talent is wonderful, both astrologically and spiritually, and I hope you will be a force for good for many others as you have been for me, so they may find a way to help themselves.
With deep gratitude, Meggy"

"Liebe Cybelia,
an dieser Stelle möchte ich mich für Deine Unterstützung bedanken, Du bist seit mehreren Jahren eine wertvolle Helferin in vielen Fragen, die sich mir im Alltag stellen, vor allem aber nach meinem Unfall 2014 und auch in der Kommunikation mit meinem Hund.
Ich bewundere Deine ganzheitliche Herangehensweise und Deine Geradlinigkeit. Du bist offen und ehrlich und das hilft mir sehr, auch meinen Blickwinkel zu ändern.
Ich habe mein Äußeres dank Deiner klug gewählten Tipps hinsichtlich Düfte und Farben, Schminktipps und Kleidung ändern können und fühle mich damit puddelwohl. Und dank Deiner Kommunikation konnte ich auch das Leben meines Hundes mit mir verbessern, ich verstehe ihn inzwischen viel besser und kann die Zeichen besser deuten, einfach hundgerecht. Er zeigt Dir das Problem auf und ich finde eine Lösung für ihn, das geht nur dank Deiner Übersetzung. Auch im beruflichen Bereich hast Du mich bestärkt und zur Veränderung ermutigt.
Du besitzt ein wunderbares Talent, astrologisch wie spirituell, und ich wünsche mir und Dir, dass Du noch vielen Menschen aus Lebenskrisen helfen kannst, sie berätst und ihnen Wege zur Selbsthilfe aufzeigst, so wie Du es bei mir gemacht hast.
In tiefer Dankbarkeit, Meggy"
"My history with spirituality and mediumship stems from my mother who was curious and courageous and explored various religions and beliefs.

I always respected mediumship and helped my father after he had a serious car accident in the 80s. In reality, it was what saved him.

Recently I read an interesting book including interviews with USA based mediums and intuitive psychics. I was so in awe that I prayed to the universe and my guides that if they would like to speak to me about my problems, to send me a signal! Two months later my cousin told me about Cybelia, we connected, and voila: the universe presented me with what I had been asking for!

My session with Cybelia was great! She was very specific about past and present events and gave me messages from my spirit guides on how to proceed further. She talked about beverages I drink (green juice), my diet, and rituals of well-being that only people who live with me would know about. I was really impressed!
She also connected with my beautiful Labrador dog who died two years ago, and got lovely messages from him. Messages of eternal love which made my heart happy again. His loss affected me profoundly and a great sadness came over me as he was an important part of our family for more than 14 years. She described his personality correctly, confirming that there is a connection between us forever.
But what most impressed me about Cybelia, apart from her talent and ability, was her willingness to help me. She does this work from her heart, made me feel respected, supported and loved. It is as if I had gotten a spiritual sister who supports me, and wants my best and the best for my family. I feel that she is in our lives to be beneficial to me and my family and to all she encounters.
I really appreciate Cybelia and look forward to connecting with her again."

"Minha estoria com espiritualidade e mediunidade vem da minha juventude onde minha mae, curiosa e corajosa, explorava varias religiões e crenças.
Eu sempre respeitei muito mediunidade e ajudou muito meu pai depois de um acidente de carro grave que ele teve na década de 80. Na verdade, foi o que salvou ele.
Mais recentemente eu li um livro interessantíssimo sobre uma coletânea de entrevistas com mediums e intuitivos nos Estados Unidos. Fiquei tão maravilhada que pedi para o Universo: ‘se os meus guias quiserem falar comigo para me ajudar com problemas de família atuais, por favor me de um sinal!’ Dois meses depois a minha prima me fala da Cybelia, nos conectou, e voila; o Universo realizou o que eu pedi!
Minha sessão com ela foi otima! Ela foi muito especifica em eventos do passado e atuais e mensagens dos meus guias de como seguir adiante. Cybelia falou de coisas que tomo (suco verde!), da minha dieta e rituais de bem estar que so quem mora comigo sabe. Fiquei muito impressionada!!
Ela também se conectou com o meu labrador lindo que morreu faz dois anos, e tinha mensagens lindas dele. Mensagens de amor eterno que fizeram meu coração feliz de novo. A perda dele me marcou muito e gerou uma tristeza profunda pois ele era grande parte da familia por mais de 14 anos. Ela descreveu a personalidade dele de forma certíssima, de novo confirmando o talento que tem!
Mas o que mais me impressionou, alem da habilidade e talento da Cybelia, foi a vontade dela em me ajudar. Ela faz o trabalho do coração, me fazendo sentir respeitada, suportada e amada. E como se eu tivesse achado uma irmã espiritual que se preocupa comigo e quer o meu bem e o bem da minha familia. Eu sinto que ela esta em nossas vidas para ajudar com o bem, e trazer bem para todos ao seu redor.
So posso agradecer a Cybelia e torcer para continuarmos conectadas!"
Tina dos Santos
Sao Paulo, Brasil
"When my aunt died unexpectedly, I was so sad. After I talked to Cybelia who described my aunt to me in detail even what she was wearing, I found peace again. Knowing that my aunt is fine and that love still connects us, has made all the difference to me and my family."
Tucson, Arizona
"Cybelia is a life-changing person. Her help is multifarious. She helped me understand who I am, what are my strengths and how I can overcome my weaknesses. She helped me decorate my home, change my wardrobe and eat healthier. She also helped me to better understand the needs of my two cats, communicate deeper with my partner and resolve some issues in my workplace. I see our collaboration as an ongoing project and I am sure it is going to be as fruitful as it is now."

"H Cybelia είναι ένας άνθρωπος, που σου αλλάζει τη ζωή. Η βοήθειά της είναι πολυποίκιλη. Με βοήθησε να κατανοήσω ποια είμαι, ποια είναι τα δυνατά μου σημεία και πώς μπορώ να ξεπεράσω τις αδυναμίες μου. Με βοήθησε να διακοσμήσω το σπίτι μου, να ανανεώσω την γκαρνταρόμπα μου και να τρώω πιο υγειινά. Επίσης, με βοήθησε να καταλάβω καλύτερα τις ανάγκες, που έχουν οι δύο γάτες μου, να επικοινωνώ ουσιαστικότερα με τον σύντροφό μου και να διευθετήσω κάποια ζητήματα, που είχα στη δουλειά μου. Η συνεργασία μας είναι μια συνεχής και εξελικτική διαδικασία και είμαι σίγουρη πως θα συνεχίσει να είναι τόσο καρποφόρα, όσο είναι τώρα."
"I have been so blessed knowing you, I would never have predicted my story. I will never ever forget the peace of mind you gave to me when my husband died. I would not be where I am today without the gift of knowing he is fine on the other side. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"
New York, NY
"I am a scientifically minded person, as a dentist I usually only believe in what I can see. Cybelia told me that I would be finding a house at a certain location in town. I had been looking for a house for a long time and within two weeks I found the house exactly as she had decribed it and also exactly where, the street names were correct, too. I am a believer now!"
Dr. M. A.
"The miracle that is a reading from Cybelia allows one to drop directly through the Cloud of Unknowing to reveal a deep sense of what we already know to be true. Cybelia delivers or rather 'translates' with warmth and generosity, opening doors between this worldly reality to the supportive wisdom from our soul family on the other side. What a privilege that is!"
Oxford, England