Astrology Reading

Astrology can give insights into one’s own self, into others, and therefore can fill the void in human relationships

Mediumship and Psychic Reading

This reading helps you connect with spirits as well as souls on the earth plane to transform your pain into acceptance of life and death

Past Life Reading

A Past Life Reading is looking at one’s past lives and learning lessons from those lives in a distilled, pure form

As an experienced coach, teacher, astrologer and world class psychic, Cybelia’s coaching is based on profound wisdom and acute awareness of changes that need to be made

Healing and therapeutic rituals are excavated from the depth of one’s consciousness with the help of spirit guides

Corporate Astro Analysis

With Masters in Business and International Management and her proven performance and expertise in psychological and astrological insights, her work has been of immense value to companies

Tarot Card Reading

The cards never lie. Truth and the present situation are clear to Cybelia when she looks at your cards

Animal Communication

Listening to the conversation and the insights a companion animal has about the person is a great tool in bringing owner and pet closer.

Relationship Counseling Reading

Sit together on a virtual couch with yourself, your best self and a counselor. Then take stock of your daily, monthly and yearly development in improving self-knowledge.

Bad Psychic Energy Removal

One has to have the courage to get rid of bad energies that have been put there by forces which are not interested in the greater good.