Life Coaching

As an experienced coach, teacher, astrologer and world class psychic, Cybelia’s coaching is based on profound wisdom and acute awareness of changes that need to be made. This service combines the divine synergy of astrology, mediumship, psychic and past life information to form a framework of splendid success. 

The benefits are immediately felt in the most important areas of your life. This inspiring and extraordinary combination of psychic, astrological, and spiritual counseling is focused on your own past patterns and leads to total transformation of challenges in your life so you live your best life.

Your cosmic identity guides the work you are supposed to be doing here on this earth, in this life. Forearmed is forewarned which is why this service is unique on the internet: excellent astrological and beneficial insights into life areas that are most important to you. This service includes the right timing, wise timing based on your uniqueness.

Highest ambitions and divine timing form a successful strategy. The results are amazing, and the alchemy of becoming the authentic person you are supposed to be is an adventure not to be missed. 

20 minute session