When did you first become interested in astrology/Tarot?

I read about ancient Egypt in Mika Waltari’s book:”Sinuhe, the Egyptian” which my mother gave me. We always had a small statue of Nefertiti in our house as my mother grew up in the DDR, the former eastern part of Germany where the museum housing the bust was located. I started exploring all books I could find on astrology, and metaphysics, based on this historical book as it connected me with visual memories of past lives, and therefore, made me curious about things beyond this dimension.

Why did you first become interested in astrology/Tarot?

II would like to live a life of consequence and create a better place.

Are you self-taught?

I started when I was very young and had the great fortune of meeting exceptional people on my path who have helped me and been my mentor. I  have had readings with the best and most ethical astrologers on five continents.

What other education/work experience do you have?

I have a bachelors degree in Anthropology and Fine Arts from Northwestern and a Masters degree in International management from Thunderbird. I’ve worked as a teacher, consulate employee, executive assistant, chef, tour guide, translator, and interpreter.

Can you recommend any good Tarot/Astrology books?

Yes. I will post a list soon which will grow with time…..

Do you teach/mentor/offer courses?


How do you calculate your charts?

I use a professional astrologer’s software called Solar Fire.

What’s your sign?


You can contact me at globalspiritguide@gmail.com