About Me

A business woman by training, Cybelia broke into the international arena of metaphysics, astrology and mediumship as the protégée of famed astrologer Joyce Jensen.  Cybelia  holds a B.Phil from Northwestern University and MBA/MIM degree from Thunderbird while pursuing her passion in metaphysics. She won critical information and acclaim from various sources: Cherokee Elders, Indian psychics, and Shamans and studied with noted astrologers and wise women all over the world.

She displayed mediumship abilities early on. Her stark, direct and brilliant visions resound with women, men and animals alike.  Cybelia won both the trust and respect of individuals and companies in her long career. She now resides in the USA.

Although not well known by name, this fascinating figure has added her exotic allure to the global mission of truth and love. She is well known and esteemed from London to Hongkong, and Rio de Janeiro to New Zealand. Some of her clients have put their challenges into her capable hands for decades, and developed a family like relationship.

Cybelia traveled to more than thirty countries and speaks several languages among them French, Portuguese, Italian, German and English, Spanish and Arabic which has made her a popular choice for an international clientele. She is an active supporter of the positive collective consciousness who goes beyond the call of duty to heal and relate messages from the spirit world.

As C.G. Jung said: “The salvation of the world consists in the salvation of the individual soul.”

While she was a highly qualified simultaneous interpreter at many conventions in Europe and the USA, she trained to use this ability and relate spirit’s messages word for word. Her talent for languages is one of the reasons why her clients choose her as many people have several languages present in their families and only a person who is familiar with the language can pronounce it correctly. This brings clarity and saves time when talking with spirit.

Cybelia found her calling early on when she discovered the profound healing her gift of mediumship is bringing to each and every one who is touched by the truth. Nothing can compare to realizing that we are not alone. As in all really important facts of life, the proper experience makes it vivid and absolutely true. 

She is also a gifted astrologer who uses her astro detective abilities and master in business to research and produce valid assessment of current challenges while optimizing future lucky breaks. A session with Cybelia has been described by many as a “life changing experience”. Her work and mission is heart based, in the service of the greater good and a humanitarian vision.

As a Minister Cybelia loves officiating at events and supporting her clients. An event and sermon with Minister Cybelia is a memorable and joyful opportunity to celebrate humanity in one’s own circle. The theme is always love in all its forms, and giving a helping hand in joyful celebration of life. 

Life’s spiritual symbolism is constantly fluctuating and deeply nourishing, yet should never be taken for granted. The connecting force has always been at the heart of my understanding of the world, as well as my very intuitive personal aesthetic. Appreciating every fleeting moment and the need to create a sense of harmony are the spice of life.