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Cybelia has been hailed as “most personable and magical healer” on three continents. She is an effective healing channel and produces rapid results. Healing and therapeuticrituals are excavated from the depth of one’s consciousness with the help of spirit guides. This enlightening, valuable information is processed and put into daily life. The newly integrated rituals are transmuting existing energies, making you feel alive again, and full of vigor.

Cybelia’s compassionate and brilliant insights have changed countless lives. Her clear channel to universal wisdom provides guidance and counseling to empower your life and help your family. Her international clientele has been following Cybelia for her amazing accuracy in connecting the dots in one’s destiny. Your highest interests are supported in a clear and enlightening way and supported by specific and well-timed rituals, harvesting the powers of sun and moon.

Sacred rituals of dedication are an ancient form of magic. Personal rituals are developed and integrated in your life to give you the most support on all levels. Precise geographical and astrological coordinates as well as secret abilities from past lives are formed into a soulful and successful plan for heaven on earth in your present life. Graceful and abundant rituals are integrated into a divine alignment. Cybelia will share some of the mysteries transcending time and space with you.

Applying esoteric wisdom to sacred points in your life will express divine power in your life.

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