Psychic Energy Cleansing

This service is for clearing negative energy from the home or person.

The premise of this is that humans, animals and other objects leave an energy footprint wherever they go. Sometimes deceased people’s spirits stay at the place of their death or somewhere else significant to them, as they are not willing to move on. Negative energy is heavy, stagnant energy. If not cleared, it can bring bad luck, fear, sleeplessness, and sometimes worse.

The pre-requisite for the removal treatment is a 30 minute session prior to establish whether bad energies are present in the house and the person. A session will then be scheduled.

A clearing is a very involved treatment that requires commitment and patience on the side of the client, combined with a fearless courage. One has to have the courage to get rid of bad energies that have been put there by forces which are not interested in the greater good.


One of my clients found a very nasty metal object with her recently deceased mother’s jewelry. It had been put there by a woman who wanted to gain possession. We sensed it, found it, destroyed its spell. We replaced it with something that helps her growth and supports her mission in life.

We have done this specialist work and are experienced and trusted consultants who will protect and guide you.


90 Minutes 

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