Animal Communication

Listening to the conversation and the insights a companion animal has about the person is a great tool in bringing owner and pet closer.

Communication between humans and animals is based on telepathic communication. Left-handed people had been known to be especially good at it. Telepathic communication is possible because we are emotionally open. Information from the animals may come in the form of images, sensations, emotions and/or thoughts. The most important and urgent matter always comes to the forefront.

YOU should take this if:

– YOU are open and interested in the knowledge that can bring.


1. Schedule your session and email a photo of yourself and your animal friend. Talk to your animal and informed it about the appointment with me.

2. It would be best to be at home and in quite surroundings. However, this is not a requirement for telepathy to work.

3. Ask yourself what you really would like to know in your session.

4. Make a list of questions to ask, so you won’t forget in the excitement.

5. Of course have pen and paper ready.

During the session I will call you on skype or phone. After our introductions, I will tune into your animal friend. It would be helpful to have a list of the members of the household, human and animal.

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