How to choose a global team with intuition and analysis!

I have been working with people from all over the world since I became a simultaneous interpreter during my University years in West Berlin. At that time I started working in congresses and conventions, translating from various languages into various languages. Having my natal moon in the sign of Sagittarius predestined me to a life full of travel and foreign places, including a husband from the USA. Many people who have this same placement find themselves living in countries they were not born in, and marrying people from other countries.

While I understand and respect cultural differences, my point of view regarding other people stays the same in every culture: Be friendly and open in the beginning until they prove you wrong. Give them the rope to hang themselves with if they choose to be less than respectable. That means giving somebody the benefit of believing in them at first is the best method of finding out who is good and who is bad. It will show me as executive the truth about that person. To illustrate this point and see how it benefits an organziation in the long run, here is a short story:

In the last years, I met several people who claimed to be professionals, in film, photography, web design and other important visual art forms. I gave them the benefit of producing something special and as Aquarius, I trusted them to be reliable and prepaid several sessions with these providers. While this may sound pretty stupid on my part, I do receive the truth about these potential free lance people immediately whch means that if and when a person does not live up to what they tell you, it is clear that they are not a good fit. And I know that in the beginning, not after 6 months or longer while they can wreak havoc in my company. So, yes I did lose money and time but they lost a customer. If you find out the person is no good, get rid of them asap. No explanation, no why and so forth. If they don’t know, they will not learn, and if they know, they have done this before. Discerning between good and excellent and everything below is the one attitude everyone needs to cultivate in business.

Another point is to never, ever, think because a friend or a service provider you trust recommends somebody, to give them the opportunity to work with you. It is never a good idea and in the end, you will lose the friend and also the service provider, as well as being used by the person who uses the trust you have in another person. That is the most important fact: Trust your first impression, go with your gut feeling and stick to it so you don’t lose time, money and energy. There are no second chances once you know your generosity has been abused. Let me repeat that:

Don’t hire your friends and if you should hire them anyway, pay them their fee. Do not hire friends of friends, ever. These are very simple guidelines to follow which have been proven right throughout history. Getting my masters in business and international management helped me clarify the process of elimination. My intuition has proven 100 % right with each and every person I hire and fire. In our business workshops that are led by proven businesss leaders with academic credentials, we show and teach how to make the best decisions. It is a worthwhile investment for global leaders, and while we have several workshops in the USA and Europee, the internet has been the best tool to disseminate valuable insights.


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